Diksmuide, Belgium: Into the Trenches
Guide to the WWI Battlefield Called The Trench of Death

One of the unrivaled horrors of war was expressed through the idea of trench warefare in during the first World War. The unsanitary conditions inside the filthy, wet trenches that characterized the battle lines around the Belgian town of Diksmuide gave us the medical malady known as "trench foot."

Tourists may not get a chance to experience these horrible conditions today, but it's not difficult to visit the now clean and dry ditches that mark the front line against the invading Germans along the Iser river. You'll be able to see them in the map below if you zoom into area around the map marker labeled "Trenches."

Map of Diksmuide and the Trench of Death

The star icon indicates the Trench of Death. Find lodging in and around Dikmuide as well on the map.

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The Belgian army's defence of the Yser Canal in October 1914 is referred to as the Battle of Yser. Find out more: Battles - The Battle of the Yser, 1914.

Diksmuide Travel Toolbox

examinging the trench of death

Diksmuide has a train station marked on the bottom of the map on the south side of the city. It's a small station with few services other than bus connections.

You can get to nearby tourist destination Veurne in ten minutes on the train. The city hall (Landhuis) and belfry make up a UNESCO world heritage site and the Veurne's market square is one of the best in Belgium.

Nearest Airports

The closest airports are at Antwerp or Brussels. A train connection to Brussels takes 1 hour and 47 minutes and passes through the tourist destination of Ghent.


There are quite a few hotels in and around Dikxmuide. A popular bed and breakfast on the edge of town is B&B Anna Grace.

If you want space to spread out, or have a big family, you may prefer a vacation rental, see: Diksmuide vacation rentals.

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diksmuide memorial
Entering the Trenches
diksmuide trenches
Trenches along the Iser River

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Trench of Death Tours

Even if you are staying in larger cities, you can visit Diksmuide and the trenches

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