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Below is our interactive Munich map showing the tourist attractions. Click the map markers to see more information on Munich's top attractions.

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Munich's train station or Hauptbahnhof is pretty central. You can walk easily into the historic center of Munich from the station.

From Munich's airport, Franz Josef Strauss Flughafen, you can get to the Hauptbahnhof using S-Bahn #8.

You can find public transportation maps to download from the Munich tourist office.

Many, if not most, of Munich's museums are closed on Monday.

Did You Know...

  • Munich was founded: June 14th, 1158 by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony.
  • It's Germany's third largest city.
  • Munich has the second biggest number of working people in Germany.
  • Munich has 10 Universities as well as 45 Museums and Collections.

Tourist Information - Munich

Munich's Tourist Information Centers cen be found at the main train station and the Marienplatz, both located on our Munich map.

Getting There and Getting Around

From Munich's airport, Franz Josef Strauss Flughafen, you can get to the Hauptbahnhof (the city's main train station) by S-Bahn #8. The bus station is near the train station, which is located on the northwest corner of the old city.

To find airplane, bus, train, and even carpool options for getting to and around Munich, use the transoprtation widget below:

Weather and Climate

To see what weather is contemplated for your Munich vacation dates, or to find out the current weather conditions, see Munich travel weather and historic climate.

Lodging Map: Where to Stay in Munich

Day Trips

If you do one thing outside of Munich, make it a trip to Dacchau.

The memorial is well documented in English and you should have no trouble understanding what went on by simply going there yourself. However, a guided tour offers you insights you may not get by just wandering through the exhibits, and the transportation aspects of getting to Dachau from Munich are much easier with a tour.

Dachau Tours

To get to the Dachau Memorial on your own from the main train station, descend down to the S-Bahn platforms and board any train on the S2 line with a desitnation marked as Dachau or Petershausen. From Dachau station, Bus 726 or 724 will take you to the Memorial.


If you find yourself in the tourist center near the Marienplatz, The Neues Rathaus (The New City Hall) has two "kellers", a winestaube and a beer cellar. The winestaube has music (accordion when we were there) starting at 5. The beer cellar has good food, but don't be persuaded to sit in one of the empty rooms, enter the hall from the Diener Street entrance and try to find a table in the big, noisy, main room where locals eat. Waiters do try to funnel English speaking people into dull, empty rooms.


The Hotel Monaco is the budget choice in Munich. It's near the train station. The highly-rated luxury choice is Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel, which includes a spa.

Bavaria Cities Map

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Munich Tours

See the best of the area. Let professionals explain Munich to you.

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