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How to Visit the Greek Doric Temples in Italy's Campania Region

Paestum is a city in the Italian region of Campania in the province of Salerno. It is noted for three well-preserved Greek Doric temples that stand on privately owned land. The temples date from the first half of the 6th century bc and are part of a 120 hectare site, of which only 25 hectares have been excavated. The town's defensive walls still stand.

And the temples as shown in this panorama--the Basilica of Hera on the left and the Temple of Neptune on the right--are extraordinary.

paestum temple panorama

Paestum was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.

The modern town of Paestum, located to the north of the excavations, is a popular seaside resort. The region is know for its food, so spending a few days can satisfy history lovers, foodies and beach people all at once.

Of course, you don't need to exit the complex, which includes the site and the Paestum Archaeological Museum, to get something to eat. The Ristorante Nettuno is upscale, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, the restaurant next door to the museum is perfectly fine.

Map of Paestum

To get the earth view, which shows the tree major temples of Paestum in detail, click the icon in the lower left of the map.

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Paestum Travel Toolbox

The train station is shown on the map. Make sure the train you choose stops at Stazione di Paestum. It is approximately 15 minutes to walk to the archaeolocal site from the station. The regional train from Naples Centrale takes about an hour and a half. Train schedule and Tickets: Naples to Paestum. The distance frim Naples to Paestum is  49 miles (79 km).

There is also bus service from Naples or Salerno. The bus from Salerno takes about an hour.

The nearest Airport is Salerno-Pontecagnano [QSR], about 30 km from Paestum.

With a car, state highway SS18 will get you to Paestum.

Where to Stay in Paestum

Just a couple minute's walk north of the train station, Agriturismo Podere Rega is a highly rated place to stay with restaurant and a working, teaching farm. You can read about a stay (in Italian--but with lots of food pictures) here: Paestum, Agriturismo Podere Rega.

A top rated place to stay just north of the site is Tenuta Dica Marigliano Boutique Hotel, with great breakfast, private parking, bike hire, and attached bar and restaurant.

If you wish to be seaside, the highly-rated Hotel Poseidonia Mare is 300 feet from the sea and a half mile from the excavations. The Hotel Engel Resort is tucked into a pinewood by the sea, and also has a restaurant.

Campania Travel Resources

Paestum is in the geographic region of Cilento in Campania, thus we have included guides to both the sub-region of Cilento and the larger encumpasing region of Campania. If it is other Greek sites in Italy you seek, we've also included the excellent "Ancient Greek Sites in Italy" from Martha's Italy.

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