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The Canary Islands, just off the coast of Africa, are a popular travel destination. The volcanic islands in the Canary Island group are all different, and offer the tourist a different experience. Nature lovers, for example, might want to stick to the western islands. Hold your mouse cursor over an island to find out more about it.

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Weather experienced on the Canary Islands is some of the best in the world. While the Atlantic Ocean is very cool here, this causes the summer temperatures to moderate. Storms with bad weather are infrequent occurances in winter in the Canaries. The northern costs of the islands, being exposed to the predominant northeast trade winds are a bit wetter than the southern coasts.

The tourist hot spot is Tenerife, the largest and most populous island of the seven. This means it's got lots to do and discover, you can go high and take a volcano & Mount Teide Private tour or go low and do a bit of snorkling, or even head to the Anaga Mountains and Jungle, among other adventures in this compact but diverse island paradise.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels on the Canary islands, so pick your island(s) and then check out the lodging options.

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Mount Teide on Tenerlife is the highest point in Spain; the park is a UNESCO World Hertitage site.
By Dmitry A. Mottl (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Canary Island Tours

Go sailing, stargazing, snorkling or hike up a valcano if you dare.

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