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Mapping Europe is a planning guide to your European vacation through the medium of maps--mostly hand drawn maps that show you what a tourist might be interested in on vacation.

We'll be exploring the ways of representing the earth and the people who've changed it by telling the story through a variety of mapping techniques, from hand drawn sketch maps to high-tech interactive maps.

On Maps

“Maps are essential. Planning a journey without a map is like building a house without drawings.”

Map of a Typical Italian City
typical european city map
map of the cyclades islands in greece

Top Guide: Cyclades

Greek island hopping can't get better then this.

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Ménerbes, a small, walled village in the Vaucluse Department of Provence, is one of the best known of the Luberon villages and rightly so. 

Ancient Site Maps and Guides

paestum archaeological site in Italy


Paestum is noted for three well-preserved Greek Doric temples that stand on privately owned land in the Cilento of the Campania region of Italy. The temples date from the first half of the 6th century bc and are part of a 120 hectare site, of which only 25 hectares have been excavated.

tivoli villa d'este


Tivoli is a short way from Rome, and features two sites of interest: the Roman Hadrian's Villa, and the Renaissance Villa d'Este, which re-used many of the bits of Hadrian's Villa in its construction. The entire zone around the modern town of Tivoli was exploited by the Romans.

ephesus theater and road to port


Ephesus is one of the best preserved Roman sites in the world, and a popular destination for tourists in Turkey, now called Türkiye. It was a port city until silt did it in. The theatre dominates the view down Harbor Street. The The Library of Celsus was the third largest in the Roman world.

newgrange ireland


The megalithic passage tombs of the Boyne Valley in Ireland's County Meath are large enough to be crisply rendered on our map. You can see not only these tombs made to stand out in the Irish landscape, but the earth modifications that suggest other large projects in antiquity.

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