Rome Food Markets Map & Guide
Explore the Eternal City's food markets & Gastronomie

I find open air and covered food markets fascinating, and Rome is a place where you can see many thriving markets. Everyone knows the Compo de' Fiori, but the markets in Testaccio and elsewhere are certainly worth exploring, especially if you've rented an apartment or villa in Rome.

Lettuce remember, Roman food markets have been famous since long before Trajan's Market, built in AD 100-110 by Apollodorus of Damascus.

Map of Rome Showing Food Markets & Gastronomie (Delis)

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In some ways, markets are away to escape from the well trodden tourist track. If you like food, you'll like seeing it like you haven't seen it before--not covered in plastic or sitting in styrofoam trays, but as it is. Some people don't like seeing their food as identifiable parts. Markets, then, are not for them.

Rome Apartment Rental

For foodies the best way to experience Rome's food markets is to rent a place with a kitchen for a week. You don't have to cook, Rome's markets and gastronomie have enough ready to eat selections to keep you going for months. Here are some suggestions:

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