Comacchio and the Wetlands of the Po Delta
Explore this "Little Venice" linked to the eel and little fishes of the lagoon

Comacchio is tied to the waters that lap along its southern boundary. This "Little Venice," with its canals has always been linked to the eel and little fishes of the lagoon. Comacchio is in the Emilia Romagna region.

A visitor who makes the journey to this manageably small town will find it a pleasant way to explore the Po Delta territory, although the current delta of the Po is actually located thirty km to the north.

To understand the economic realities of Comacchio you need to go to the Manifattura dei Marinati, the factory in town where they dumped the eels to be roasted in the twelve ovens, then pickled in a marinade before being canned. You get there via a loggia, the Loggiato dei Cappuccini, the longest in Italy, shown below.

loggiato dei cappucini cormacchio

Inside the factory museum you'll see videos from the 1940's when the eel fishing was at its peak. To augment this information, take the boat trip in the lagoon, which is a guided visit with a multi-lingual specialist to places where this process took place.

There is also an interesting museum documenting a Roman ship that ran aground in the lagoon near Comacchio and was recently recovered.

Food and Wine

The local wine is a fizzy red called Bosco Eliceo. It's good with the local anguille, eels and other seafood, including cappesante (scallops, large and small versions), canocchie (mantis shrimp) and vongole, clams.

Map of Comacchio

Comacchio Travel Toolbox

There is no train station in Comacchio. Comacchio is 50 km from Ferrara, 35 km from Ravenna, 110 km from Venice.

The closest airport is Padua Airport.

With a car, you can arrive at Comacchio from Venice quite easily, a trip of under two hours. Padua is about an hour and a half from Comacchio by car.

The very interesting Benedictine Monastery called The Abbey of Pomposa is a mere 20 minutes away. Highly recommended is a visit and lunch on the abbey grounds.

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Downtown Comacchio

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