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Map of Munich - Tourist Attractions and Hotels

Below is our interactive Munich map showing the tourist attractions in red and recommended hotels in yellow. Click the map markers to see more information on Munich's attractions.

rimini location mapGetting to Munich

Munich's train station or Hauptbahnhof is pretty central. You can walk easily into the historic center of Munich from the station.

From Munich's airport, Franz Josef Strauss Flughafen, you can get to the Hauptbahnhof using S-Bahn #8.

You can find public transportation maps to download from the Munich tourist office.

Tourist Information - Munich

Munich's Tourist Information Centers cen be found at the main train station and the Marienplatz, both located on our Munich map.

Munich is everyone's favorite Bavarian city, despite the fact that about 80% of it was bombed during WWII. Today Munich is a large city of over 1.2 million people.

Be aware that many of Munich's museums are closed on Monday.

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