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Map of Kalambaka, Greece

The map below shows the area around Kalambaka, Greece, including the famous Meteora monasteries shown in our Map of Meteora Monasteries.

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About Meteora and the Monasteries

Shown on the map is the Pinios river, the triangular Kalambaka, and the area called Meteora, where monasteries "hover in air."

On this map you can see the type of rock outcrops that exist between the Greek towns of Kalambaka and Kastraki that were so enticing to hermit monks looking for a serene and monastic life.

For an interactive map explaining the monateries and information on visiting, see our Meteora Monasteries Map.

Besides visiting Meteora, just to the east of Kalambaka is the town of Metsovo, known at the time of the monasteries as the home of Greek master wood carvers. You can see some of their work inside the monasteries; the one that attracted me was a crucifix so small and detailed you needed a magnifying glass to see it.

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