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Map of Newgrange, Dowth and Knowth

The megalithic passage tombs of the Boyne Valley in Ireland's County Meath are crisply rendered on a google map. You can see not only these tombs made to stand out in the Irish landscape, but the earth modifications that suggest other large projects in antiquity.

Newgrange Tours

One of the most popular Newgrange tour is the excellent Mary Gibbons Tour. You can book the tour in Dublin at any tourist office. You'll get some very interesting and opinionated views of the happenings in the Boyne Valley on the bus ride from Dublin to Newgrange.

Touring Newgrange and Knowth on Your Own

You will drive to the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Center across the Boyne from Newgrange. For more information including prices and opening hours, see Heritage Ireland.

County Meath

For more on County Meath and other places to visit, see Basic Facts About County Meath.

The Boyne Valley, in County Meath, just north of Dublin, contains some of Irelands most interesting ancient sites, including the oft mentioned Newgrange. You can easily visit Newgrange and/or Knowth as a day trip from Dublin. The Hill of Tara is also worth a visit.

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