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Tyrnavos, Greece Map - Phallus Festival

Tyrnavos is northwest of Larissa, where there is a small airport, LGLR, marked on the map.

Tyrnavos is know for its "Dirty Monday" Phallus Festival held on the first Monday of Lent. The one-day pagan fertility festival is dedicated to Dionysos, god of wine and son of Zeus.

tyrnavos greece location mapTyrnavos, Greece Location Map

Tyrnavos is located in the Larissa prefecture and the Thessalia region. To the west are the famouse monasteries of Meteora, near Kalambaka (see the Meteora Monasteries Map)

The Greek Mainland is often overlooked as a tourist destination. In some sense, this is the "real Greece," the place where tourists aren't the only concern. From the Meteora monasteries to the wood carvers of Metsovo, mainland greece is is a fascinating place for those inclined toward slow travel.


Tyrnavos isn't really a place to hang around if you're not attending the phallus festival, but if you are, you should look for a hotel in Larissa. If you're also planning to visit the Meteora Monasteries, you might look for a hotel in Kalambaka.

There is a bus connection from Larissa to Tyrnavos.

For more on the phallus festival, see: The Annual Phallus Festival in Greece.

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