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France Rail Map

Taking the train in France is convenient, easy, and now very, very fast on most lines. Below is a map of the major rail lines in France.

france train route map

France Rail Travel Toolbox

From Paris, or any city on the map that has a red line, you can take a fast TGV train between cities. For example, From Paris Gare de Lyon station the TGV train gets to Lyon in 2 hours and 40 minutes. The Eurolines bus is slightly cheaper, but takes over 7 hours making the same trip. See Paris to Lyon for all the options involved in getting between France's two largest cities.

See: TGV Booking Center for single tickets from destination to destination within France.

You can see all the transportation options between cities in France by using the box below, changing the to and from destinations as you wish.

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Paper Maps Available Online

France Region Maps

France IGN Maps (Best for Trekking)

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Rail Pass Information

Research France Railpasses or Point to Point Rail Tickets before you plan a rail trip to France.

If you must drive: Rental and Lease Cars: France offers an option to lease a brand new car with great insurance if you are staying three weeks or longer.

Hotels in France

For finding a hotel in France, see the booking box below (or use the recommendations on the map by clicking the hotel links.