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Mapping Europe is for armchair travelers to discover what wonders lie just over every horizon.

Mapping Europe is for the traveler planning a vacation, or reliving one.

We'll be exploring the ways of representing the earth and the people who've changed it by telling the story thorugh a variety of mapping techniques, from hand drawn sketch maps to high-tech interactive maps.

Latest Maps on Mapping Europe

Paestum is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Campania coast, a great vacation for foodies, food lovers and folk who like archaeology. The site includes three of the best preserved Greek Doric temples in Europe.

Herrenchiemsee Palace in Bavaria was the King Ludwig II homage to Versailles, and in many ways was to be better and bigger. Alas, the King died a tragic death before it was completed, and some rooms haven't been finished--but they've turned into grand space for exhibitions and festivals.

The Camargue is Europe's biggest river delta area, see over 400 kinds of birds, including the famed pink flamingos. Then there are those French cowboys called gardians...

Versailles Map - Simple hunting lodge? See how the rich lived outside of Paris.

Paris Gare du Nord Map - Here's Paris' main station. The Eurostar docks here. You'll find the locations of recommended Paris hotels in the vicinity of the Paris North Train station on our map.

Our most popular maps? Lucca, Italy and Florence, Italy.

Paper Travel Planning Maps

Mapping Europe partners with Longitude Maps for Travelers, who offers several lines of European maps that you'd better order through the Internet, because it's likely you won't find them until you get to Europe, like the French Institut GĂ©ographic National (IGN) maps.

Amazon carries an increasing number of European maps as well. We particularly like the Crumpled City Maps, cloth maps that can be simply balled up and stuffed in a bag or your pocket.