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Foz Côa Map - Portugal

Foz Côa, the valley around the river Côa was destined to be a reservoir when word got out about its concentration of rock carvings from the Upper Upper Palaeolithic (22,000-10,000 B.C.) Now it's a park where you can see these ancient carvings.

Vila Nova de Foz Côa

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Coa Valley Archaeological Park Information centers are found at Av. Gago Coutinho, 19 A, 5150-610 Vila Nova de Foz Coa (The main Park Office) and in Muxagata and Castelo Melhor. These are maked on the map. For more information on the park and museum in English, see the Côa Parque-Fundação site or Visiting the Foz Côa Archaeological Park in Portugal.

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The three markers on the map indicate the tree concentrations of Rock art you can visit with a guide, each from a different visitor center. From Vila Nova de Foz Coa you can visit Canada do Infemo. From Muxagata you can visit Ribeira de Piscos, and from Castelo Melhor you can visit Penascosa.

Other Areas of Interest near Foz Coa Archaeological Park

Many finds from the area can be viewed at the Museo da Casa Grande at Freixo de Numao, west of Vila Nova de Foz Coa.

Other European Rock Art

Another extrordinary concentration of rock art in Europe occurs in Italy, in the Valcamonica. You can visit over 140,000 carvings covering 8000 years there.

Foz Côa was just a river gorge destined to be a lake before the recent discovery of Paleolithic rock carvings in the Coa valley that thwarted the building of the proposed dam. In fact, if you zoom in the map, you can still see the start of the dam construction near the confluence of rivers.

There are over 30 rock art sites. You can visit three of them shown on the map.

Summer heat is fierce, and winters can be quite cold, so a spring or fall trip is recommended.

Foz Côa is found in the Norte region of Portugal, the appropriate map is shown below. Click to find out more or to buy online.

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