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Tourist Map of Nafplion, Greece

The map below is of the city of Nafplion, Greece. Located on Argolikos Bay in the northeast of the Peloponnese, Nafplion was the first capital of Greece.

Nafplion is a good base for exploring the archaeological sites of the Argolida, including favorites like Mycenae and Epidaurus.

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nafplion location mapThe map above shows the old city of Nafplion, a few of the big sites, and the most desirable places to stay during your vacation. Notice the parking at the port to the north of the old town. Despite the fact that Nafplion is a large city, it's not too bad to drive in and park, as long as you can follow the signs to the port.

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Napflion has an old port, a Fortress you can climb up to that often has festivals and celebrations in summer as well as a fantastic view over Agrolikos Bay. Napflion is also the gateway to many of the Peloponnese Peninsula's most interesting ancient sites, many ow which you've probably heard of: Mycenae, Tirins, Epidaurus and Korinth. Find out more: Napflion Greece Travel Guide.

Nafplion Travel Weather shows the current weather conditions and historic climate information for Nafplion for travel planning and suggests the best times to go.

The main way to travel around the Greek islands is by ferry. The Greek mainland and Peloponnese are connected by bus and train service.

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