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Tourist Map of Todi, Italy

The map below shows the city of Todi, Italy and the major tourist attractions found in the Umbrian city. Located between Orvieto and Spoleto in south-central Umbria, Todi is a good place to spend a day or two.

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todi location mapThe map above shows the centro storico of Todi and outlines some of the tourist places to visit.

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The location of Todi in Italy is shown to the left.

If staying in a restored former convent in the country just a few kilometers from Todi, try Residenza San Pietro Sopra Le Acque. To find it on the map, zoom out and look to the east of Todi.

For more information, see Todi Travel Guide.

Todi is located in the Perugia province of Italy.

Todi makes an interesting day trip, because almost everything you need to see is in or near the Piazza del Popolo, shown on the map. Still, any city is better visited after the tourist hordes have left, and that means staying over will offer great rewards, like enjoying the main square with the locals in the morning over coffee and a bite to eat.


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