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Rimini Map and Travel Guide

Rimini is an often overlooked destination that has a lot to offer: you can relax by the sea, stroll through a fisherman's neighborhood, see lots of Roman ruins, (Rimini was the Adriatic end of the Via Flaminia from Rome) and do it all under the spell of Federico Fellini, Rimini's favorite son. And Rimini is a resort town, that means lots of nightlife along the sea.

Below is our Rimini Map showing the tourist attractions. Click any marker to see what it's pointing to and to get more information.

Map of Rimini Showing Tourist Attractions

Rimini Travel Toolbox

The train station, marked on the map, lies between the Roman historic center of Rimini and the sea.

The closest airport is right on the edge of town (scroll the map south), Federico Fellini International Airport is quite convenient to the city and beaches. The airport is 8km from the city center. It features the longest runway of any airport in Emilia Romagna.

You'll find Tourist Information in the Train Station. It's open every day in summer, closed weekends in winter. There is tourism information at Fellini Airport (Via Flaminia n. 409 - Miramare di Rimini) and near the Marina at Piazzale Fellini n. 3.

For historic climate conditions and current weather using a location nearby, see: Ravenna Travel Weather and Climate. Trains and buses connect the Byzantine mosaic wonder of Ravenna to Rimini.

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Paper Maps of Rimini (available online)

Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini

The mouthful above describes a route from Rimini that takes you through places where you find the wines and "flavors" of the Rimini hills. See a map of the route and more.

Food and Drink

The piadina rules in Rimini and Ravenna. It's a version of flatbread made with wheat flour, tepid water, salt, olive oil or lard and cooked on a metal plate called a "testo". It can be served warm with a meal or stuffed with all manner of fillings--or even rolled as a wrap. You can find them in restaurants and in little kiosks on the street.

The Colli di Rimini is the DOC of the Emilia Romagna wine region. Reds are made from sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Trebbiano, with the possible addition of Bianchello or Mostosa, makes up the white end of the spectrum.

There are many good restaurants in Rimini. If you want a local experience, you can eat in the home of a "home chef" and really get local: Dining experiences in the province of Rimini.

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