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Castelnuovo di Magra, Italy

Castelnuovo di Magra is a village of about 800 people between Fosdinovo and Carrara in Liguria, near the border of Tuscany.

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Castelnuovo di Magra is near Sarzana, another interesting inland Ligurian city with fine restaurants and a markets, plus a traditional evening passeggiata. Fosdinovo, in the Lunigiana, is also worth a visit.

In Castelnuovo di Magra you'll find an interesting Enoteca in Castelnuovo devoted to the wines of the Colli di Luni, or hills of Luni, a Roman outpost in Liguria for which the Lunigiana was named. Ristorante-Enoteca Colli di Luni is found on Via Aurelia 63.

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Touring Club Italiano-Liguria Map is a detailed map of the region which includes Castelnuovo di Magra and the surrounding area.


Castelnuovo di Magra has a very fine restaurant called Trattoria Armanda located in Piazza Garibaldi on the southern end of town. The ruins of the castle are on the opposite end of town, as you can see in the map.

Castelnuovo di Magra is a great town to stroll around in. Visit the Enoteca for a glass of wine (in the garden if the weather is nice), then go to the trattoria for a meal.

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