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Le Mont Saint Michel Map and Guide

mont saint michel pictureThe first church on Mont Saint Michel was built 1300 years ago, after which Mont Saint-Michel became one of the major pilgrimage destinations in medieval Christendom.

The map shows the new light bridge, the Pont-passerelle, linking the mainland to the mont, which will eventually (2014) replace the causeway shown on the map. Today you can walk, like ancient pilgrims, or be shuttled (there is still a bit of a walk: 400 meters). There is also an option for horse-drawn carriage. Parking is no longer permitted at the base of the Mont. Parking on the mainland is expensive. Here is a downloadable map of the access to Mont-Saint-Michel.

Notice that the hotels and restaurants are clustered on the south and east side of the mont; the blue area around it is marshland. It's a bit of a steep climb up to the top, where the historic features are, especially the Abbaye du Mont-St.-Michel, shown on the map by the name it has been know by since the 12th century, La Merveille.

Getting to Mont Saint Michel

Kiolis Emeraude buses will take you from the Rennes TGV station to Mont Saint Michel.

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Mont Saint Michel Guide with Map

Mont Saint Michel Office of Tourism

Find information on Mont Saint Michel at the entrance to the town where the Burgher's Guardroom has become the Tourist Office. There are also public toilets close by this location.

The phone number is 02 33 60 14 30.

Mont St. Michel Travel Toolbox

Mont Saint Michel is visited by over three and a half million people a year. The view from the higher vantage points over the marshes is spectacular, even when (or best when) the weather is overcast, as it often is.

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Mont St Michel Paper Map Available online

The IGN Mont-Saint-Michel Map will give you a detailed idea of the landscape along with trails to hike in the area.


For finding a hotel in or near Mont Saint Michel, use the booking box below. The results of your lodging search will allow you to compare prices from several sources and to see user ratings.

It is nice to have a hotel right in the midst of things, but the other option is to have a hotel with a bar and restaurant overlooking the Mont, in which case Le Relais Saint Michel will do nicely.