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Tournon sur Rhone and the Hermitage Vineyards

The map below shows the Cotes du Rhone villages of Tournon sur Rhone and Tain l'Hermitage, with Tain l'Hermitage on the right bank of the Rhone. The vineyards are above.

Location of the Hermitage Vineyards in France

hermitage and tournon sur rhone mapThe map shows the location of the vineyards of Hermitage and the Cotes du Rhone within France. The northern Cotes du Rhone region is located between the towns of Vienne and Valence, between the larger cities of Lyon and Avignon, all worthy of a visit--or indeed a full vacation.

Paper Maps of the Region

The area shown to the left of the Rhone is the Ardeche, to the right is the Drome. The best maps of the areas are the IGN maps. Here are some regional maps you can order online:

Department Map of Ardeche

Department Map of Drome

The entire region is contained in the Rhone-Alpes Regional Map.

If you're looking for extensive coverage of any particular wine region: see French Wine Country Maps.

For one map that covers them all, see the Wines of France map to the left.

Hermitage is served by great rail service on the Lyon to Avignon line, and the views from the train are spectacular.

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The vineyards of Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage are planted on steep slopes above the Rhone, and, with the white signs marking the vineyard blocks, are among the most dramatic vineyard views in the northern Cotes du Rhone region. See a picture of the Hermitage vineyards.

Tain-l'Hermitage has a train station, so it's easy to visit without a car.

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Hotels in Tain-l'Hermitage

france wine map

Find where the vineyards are with this Wines of France IGN map.

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