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The Camargue - France

The Camargue is the nature lover's part of Provence. Hold your mouse over the map markers to see what they represent.

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Two popular places to stay in the Camargue are shown on the map, the fortified medieval town of Aigues-Mortes and the port of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. They are about 24km apart; the area between them is known as the "Petite Camargue".

Aigues-Mortes is serviced by train from Nimes.

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An alternative for day trippers is to stay in Arles.

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While the are many things to do in the Camargue wilds, we have markers on the map for a museum, the Musée Camarguais, which you should visit first on your way from Arles, since it will give you the information you need to understand all the historic changes in this interesting land. Then there's the hot place to eat in Le Sambuc, a Michelin starred restaurant inside a sheep fold called La Chassagnette. Then there's the Parc Ornithologique de Pond de Gau, the bird park where you'll see the Camague's famed Flamingos.

And of course, there are the Roman ruins in the art city of Arles that shouldn't be missed.

The Camargue is a a vast wetlands area of the Rhone river delta in the south of France, south of Arles.

The Camargue is, in fact, the largest delta in Europe. There are over 400 species of birds here, including the famed pink flamingos.

You can best see the Camargue on horseback. Look for "promenade à cheval."

Camargue horses are a special breed of gray (almost white) horses, and are smaller than other horses. There are used by French "cowboys" called gardians to round up the Camargue bulls, also a special breed.

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The Camargue is found in the Provence region of France, south of Arles. Before you go, you may wish to purchase the map below to guide you. IGN are the best maps of France.

map showing the camargue

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